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Submission For Aug 1 2014


This task is here to provide the logistics for my Scream Fest competition project and should indicate my skills in time management and planning through a number of different topics that will be labeled in the form of a title. Things like time management will show my skills of working to a deadline and also share skills of a producer. As there isn’t a producer available I will be filling this roll as many others.

Scream Fest

Below are all the requirements for Scream Fest. These are guidelines that must be taken into account as a film entered without the correct information could be disqualified.
I have listed bullet points of some guidelines I will have to take into account.


  • Super Short
  • Film that have been released on DVD are not eligible for this competition
  • Entry fees are non refundable
  • A $2.00 processing fee will be added to all credit card payments
  • Films on DVD will be accepted as well as links to online versions
  • DVDs must be compatible with standard set-top DVD or Blu-Ray player
  • all DVD’s must be clearly labeled. If you fill out the online submission form please write the tracking number on your dvd/case
  • These screeners will become the property of Screamfest unless a self-addressed, self stamped package is provided with the original submission

Upload to Scream Fest

There are two options to either post a DVD / Ble-Ray compatible disc or to upload to the internet and send the HTML links over i.e. from Vimeo or youtube.

I have chosen to go with the internet option as it will save time logistically and financially. I do not wish to post a disc as I want my final movie to be accessible online. This is in case I may meet an employer and need to show him / her my skills as a film maker. It also makes it easier for feedback issues which will be used as part of my critical evaluation.


I am planning on using the Black Magic digital film camera to film the majority of my short. I have worked with this camera before and like the process and work ethic you can get out of it.
They are easy to operate with an in built shot log making the logistics fairly simple and tidy to work with.

The camera has a number of uses which Im wanting to adopt and use in my project. First and for most is the insane quality and deatil of 8 bit raw footage. This format will retain detail in far more darker and brighter places than a DSLR which is exactly what I am going to need in certain scenes:

The house in which the characters meet is an incredibly hard area to light and have fully functional camera to operate in it. The Black Magic will allow me to have more space to film as t will require less light. Even though these cameras respond better to light I know from experience that if needs be these cameras can handle an extra 2-3 stops of darkness:-

Another thing to talk about is the workload of this camera as it records 8 Bit Raw; meaning than I will need the use of Divinci Resolve as well as preparing extra time in my schedule for this fairly lengthy process.

8 Bit Raw also means there will be a number of times where I will need to convert and export files into different formats. I.e. h.264 is a format that will work with Premiere Pro when it comes to editing and exporting to Quick time will allow me to upload my video to the internet for entry and inspection.


Finances at this moment are tight and I am looking to keep it to a bare minimum. I have saved costs by planning film sets around what I have and what I can get easily. For example There is a scene in the script labeled ‘Scene 2 Ext. Film Set’ which would have caused much issues financially as it requires a full working film set and instead of shopping for these items I plan to make the set with items that belong to the college from there theatre performances.

It is things like this I had already taken into account in the writing process as I know the project is fairly big and does not need any more complication than is present. Another example is using the King Street building, again this is easier logistically because the building belongs to the college; it is fairly close and will be easily accessible for my film crew and actors.


This is a quick list of the costumes that I will need, again this is something I have tried to keep to bare minimum and have even asked the actors for help on this subject. I sent out a few txt messages urging the actors to have a look through their wardrobe to see if they have anything which matches their character profiles.

I have already included information about costumes;- it is located in the pre production for Zombie thriller and was used as part of inspiration to the project. Although this is already done I will provide a simple list of costume for characters and include prices next to them when they come up:

This character is interesting for costume as we see her style change due to the leap in character profile from start to finish. This is what the character is going to need:

  • Cardigan / jeans / trainers
  • Black leather studded jacket



Logistically I am still having problems with this character as the scripts states Charlie is an 8 year old boy. This causes much problems with insurance and safety as the child is a minor and will need extra provisions and also a guardian.. This will be explained later in the Safe Working Practice part of this post. Charlies costume is:

  • Hoody / jeans / t-shirt
  • Teddy / backpack



We designed this character based on Goldeneyes Boris. Although the characteristics are different my writer and me expect a similarity in costume:

  • Hawaiian shirt / shorts / socks / shoes



The director is meant to be as portrayed as different and has to stand out from his film crew which is why his costume is not the same:

  • Shirt no tie / jeans or trousers / shoes



Film crew
Again to save costs on costume I wanted to ask fellow students to lend their BMC film hoodies. This uniform should act as realism and bring the crew together (people dressed in random clothing wondering on set may not have as much impact):

  • BMC Film hoody / general wear



Actor one and two
These are the fake zombies of which the make-up department have already designed. There costumes are not important although now considering it it may look better if they had costume.. This would bring the fake film set alive and give it identity. I want these two fake zombies in make up and:

  • Fancy dress doctor and nurse outfit



Daughter of Mark; we wanted this character to remain as natural as possible and will be treated as any other actor who is not listed in costume. Basically that means the art director and myself are not bothered on costume although their colour schemes in shot will be taken into consideration. Her dress sense will be:

  • Glasses / pony tail / jeans / checkered shirt / trainers



James Dunsley
One of our main characters; he is seen as an outlandish recluses. His character is fairly pompus and we want his costume to strike out that quality so we have taken time with him and want:

  • Pin stripe suit / black shoes / bowler hat

Salvador Hunter
An army soldier who is on leave. His character is a young adult and dress sense is not vital although new and labeled clothing would suggest a soldier on leave with money to spend. His costume:

  • Nike or Adidas / trainers / hoody / sweat shirt




There have been many issues with the house location not being large enough or bright enough to work with. I plan to transform the house with coloured bulbs and paintings to bring the scene to life. The scene and lights should connote the sense of a party, which is exactly what is intended.
The props are as follows and will be a list that is constantly active:

  • 5 – 10 multicoloured light bulbs
  • Larva lamp
  • A number of disco lights
  • Bottles of spirits and alcohol
  • Kids posters / toys



Entry Costs

While some competitions will handle entries different; this one requires a payment for entry and processing. Underneath is the label of costs for anyone wanting to enter. I have picked do enter into the ‘Super Short’ category:






I have two locations that will allow me to complete this project. Firstly the use of a film studio is vital as there are two scenes that require a set to be built as well as an open floor.

The first location is my house on Asfordby Road where the exterior of the house will be shown as well as inside. The scenes inside should provide enough space for the shots I have planned. Although this location was never perfect there will be alterations in order to make this location believable.

Both locations are located in Melton Mowbray and are not dependable on transport. Also Melton is a good location for actors and crew members to come to and should not cause any problems.


Below are a series of emails that shows my communication to and from other departments. This could be a conversations between crew members; actors or in the hope for locations and props. Anything Where I have had a connection with outside industries and departments:

Dear Peter

This email was sent in the hopes of finding myself a location for Survive;- the second part to my zombie narrative. The location has been difficult as it was written as a bunker scene and even had plans of buying up a large amount of corrugated metal and sand to produce this into a studio. As time went on this would turn out to be the wrong way to go about things.
I found that King street, a building which is rented out by my university would be an ideal location as there are many rooms that are not being used. Also the rooms have great accessibility at the moment as the students will shortly be moved out of there as they will soon be studying in the college’s main site.

Reply From Peter

Peter has now replied to me and I now know who to ask and more importantly what days are best to film on. A Monday and Wednesday will be GOOD DAYS; as they sit well with the make-up department and other actors.

Dear Schools

As of yet I have had no reply from any of the five schools I have emailed in Melton Mowbray. I always knew this role would be hard to find for a number of reasons;- it is a zombie movie so the nature of the film has to be safe for their eyes; it can not be to gory or have fowl language; it can not be violent; and the actor has limitations on what he or her can not do. Not just logistical and ethical reasons but legal: The child must be accompanied by an adult r guardian so effectively the role of Charley needs two people and not one.

This has all been educational and I have had to look deep into this issue. New laws and regulations means that parents will be fined for the time they spend out of schools making this role extremely difficult to fill.

Before writing to Cast Call Pro I’ve had an idea to change the role for Charley. I have spoken to my script writer urging the change in role. I feel that the loss of a child may not sit well with audiences and despite the story of survival a woman who has lost her child would much rather show the need to give up than to keep going. The loss of a sibling how ever may breed this character into the fighting survivor character which Amanda develops into. Through the story she would have feelings of guilt and anger; she did not manage to protect her younger sister like she had done in the past years and even gives an easier and more accessible route for flashbacks:

A mother and child’s relationship in a way is a one way relationship. She is the provider, she has provided the foundation for the times spent. A relationship between a sibling is split down the middle. They have both shared most things in life; their home; their parents; their childhood memories etc. and I feel this loss would more than likely turn the character warrior survivor again as I feel the loss of a child would be too much to comprehend.. Would the character really develop into this role at the speed the script permits?.. Im not so sure any more and would the character really be thinking of the loss others have had.. Im still not sure.

I have now gone on too look for a sister role for Amanda. The script shouldn’t change too much although it now needs a new main role. The sister has to speak and I now have to look into a script that really shows this sibling connection. It needs to be personal and gives depth into their relationship.

Dear Steve

After my words with Peter it is now Steve Escott who I must turn to for accessibility to King Street. As Peter has answered some of my questions I need not ask for supervision and help only that the things in the room are ok to make and if it is ok to use the room. I have told him that I have access to a time table making the communication between us a lot easier and that I have been told from Peter that a Monday and Wednesday are good days.

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