Assessment 4: Sony Productions


This part of the assignment is the critical reflection into the process and production of the project. The use of feedback should give indication into things that went wrong with the project and research into other horror materials should conclude the projects outcome.

Critical Analysis

This section is based on a critical reflection class that took place where an audienced viewed my material and provided feedback toward the production values. My own conclusions will be based on this aswell as my own views. Also the succession in competition.

The first key point that was mention by all members of the crytical reflection session was the use of sound design. The audience felt that the production quality faded out when the use of folley came in and out through the film. They would have prefered it if the sound design was constant i.e. sound productions for the keys shaking and foot steps.

I feel this is a subject I agree on. The time management did not not give enough freedom for a better plan toward sound design as the sound came in and out of clips. The idea was to have it as a silent movie at first but then this changed due to dialog. By the dialog was introduced it was too soon to create a sound design production.

Just like the olden silent movies a soundtrack covered the production of the movie. It is widely seen when sound design does not need to cover all elements of sound but I have to agree with this crytical reflection. I could have made this better with the use of a sound designer on set who could have recorded all the sounds as they were being filmed.

The cinematography in the project IO felt worked well with the plan of llighting two different areas with one functional light through a piece of glass gave way for a very distintive and pleasing look. The light values matched through the movie for the most part as I would later find out in the colour correcting process.

From the video you can see the boy having a pale skin tone which he did have. The skin tones kept within this bracket while other colours and contrasts were changed.

Something that did occur was the size in which I shot the movie. Because the presettings were wrong it meant the video had to exported as a widescreen video which meant I lost a chunk of the footage. For the most part this was ok as it gave a distinctive look and feel to the film although it would prove problems in one shot. The shot where we see the zombie munching on a propetic head I had to choose between the actors preformance and the gorey prop head. I felt the actor was more important although the head looked realictic and told the story of the shot.

One thing the audience wrote about was my ability to run the comedic element inside the production

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