Assessment 3: Sony Awards


Sony Production Awards


I began this project knowing it would be a great test as I was not only getting into production for my professional industry assessment but also by the criteria of a client, in this case Sony Production Awards film festival. It would prove to be a great experience from the industry,

Deadline 10th March






My inspiration came from olden day zombie movies like Night of the Living Dead and also the 1931 feature Frankenstien as they contained a iconic touch onto horror and the zombie genre. I made a conscious decision that I wanted to revamp the old stylistic approach to zombies; green faces, arched-over stagger and the sort of Jason Voorhees “the monsters going to get you” Kuleshov editing technique.

I not only wanted to bring elements of classic horror but I also wanted to inbed some comedy and cleverness into it, because I felt like a zombie massacre wasn’t quite what I want to achieve as a film maker so I began looking into other sources. One in particular was Sean of the Dead as it is properly the most popular “zom’com” ever created and one that audiences are up to date with and can recognise.



I began my research by first looking to see what the competition was about and what movies my client (if any) desired over the rest. I watch four of the previous winners and noticed that there really wasn’t much indication to a certain theme or style. I saw a short film about a haughted room that would kill anyone who entered and also a cabin fear movie set in a mountain range. These two movie especially had no connection but did have a great level of production value. I noticed that the edit for most was clean, fast and at times simple. The winning film makers managed to bring a level of tension to their films that kept the view on edge: A shot of a woman walking toward a hotel room with a number of cuts and a loosely written story line of a room that was ‘off limits’ showed me that stylistically anything was right for this project as long as it was done with affect.

My next piece of research would be to look into how horror films got there suspense and what made for a suspenseful scene in film and video. The first piece of evidence I looked into was the olden day classics i.e. Jason.

From the series of Jason Voorhees one thing was more prominent over the rest.. ‘The chase’. Out of all of the series you could always count on Jason finding a new machete and going in for the kill. The chase scenes would always land at the peak of the narrative arc that was behind it: Jason finds swords; Jason finds distracted and helpless victim; Jason kills.


The image above acts as a good started point, as this wide shot shows the start of tension that will change dramatically as the camera will go from this wide establishing shot to a series of close up images that show fast action and heightened emotions that uses the combined effort of the editor, actor and camera man.

I feel that action sesequence like these are essential in the horror genre and feel it will prove useful to inbed a similar action sequence to help carry the narrative of the project.

The movie Scary Movie would prove a possitive source of information for movie sequences and idea for movies as the film in itself is a study of a number of different souces across the horror genre.

From this research I got the idea of a scene, a scene where our zombie is introduced without the main character being aware of it (another method of tension seen in theatre and movies like ‘Dusk til Dawn’ and ‘Sean of the Dead’), this also gave me the idea for my filming location as in my mind this technique could only be preformed in one place at that was in the filming studio located at the college campus:

This was a rectangular window that separated the main room from the storage. The space would provide enough depth to make the shot pleasing and an interesting challenge for cinematography.



Pre Production


This section will include the logistics I have made between this project and will be in the form of a blog as well detailed paragraphs about my process with reflective elements.

I began to plan my project out; the client (sony prod. awards) has asked me to submit a video by 10/03/14 which gives me 6 months to research plan and device this project with other projects (PIP version 2) running along side.

Time management is key as the projects needs research and experiments in order to carry out a successful production for the client.


I began writing out some ideas based on my research from the horror genre I had scene ideas and a theme and began to create storyboards and writting materials.

The films entered needed to be short I was restricted to 5 minute. I didn’t feel like this was a problem although I knew I needed to think of something that would flow inside the time bracket, I knew that a detailed story line was near impossible and decided a ‘chase scene’ would fit these demands.

I began to approach actors who I felt would be right for the role. In these weeks (14th – 28th) I met with two young actors who had previous acting experience and took an interest in the project. We began to talk about the look and feel of the project. I expressed the idea of attempting to fit a comedic element into it which suited the actors fine.


I began to book equipment ready from the college to start pre production

I had a couple of soundtracks that were passed on to me as they were thought to have ‘free royalties’. It turned out that the soundtracks were free but the client brief and competition would break the terms and conditions which meant I had to go in search of the legal rights.

I began this by telephone to ask for the terms of the rights. It was mentioned that I would need to get intouch with the artist; record company and record printers.

Conextion Music Ltd was the people I rang next and told me that the rights were free and I could have access to the soundtrack for competition if I sent a brief and specifications. These are the emails sent between me and a member of Conextion Music:

Dear Simon




Film Festival






Locations: – West Raynham

USA Copyright

Places To Find The Soundtrack

Record Companies Ownership

Wabash Music Florida







ZH music1








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