Textures and Nodes inside Blender


Today was a small experiment of layering different nodes across a 3D model. The aim was to create a 3D rust texture that would map over the object. Sometime you would UV unwrap a model; this is done when a person wished to make detailed and custom effects to individual faces rather than object mapping which stretched a made texture across an image. The pros and cons will be discussed.

Texture Coordinate 

This is the first stage of making textures inside blender. This gives you the option of how your texture is going to react to your model; how it behaves with other objects and the nature of its texture. This will be where you decide if it is a UV unwrap texture or a box texture and if it has transparent qualities like that of glass and water.

Image Texture

These image texture nodes are where you can bring up already made textures from photoshop or the internet. Textures usually have to be tiled as they suffer from repetition or lines in the image. The coordinating node which comes before would have already been chosen, therefore this node is to identify the texture being used and forms no other function.


A mix node will change two textures together and blend them in a number of ways. This is a good as it gives you more ways of customising textures, it also gives you a way of hiding tears or repeats in textures. Changing the nodes setting to ‘multiply’ can give more options and techniques into how a texture can be changed.

Colour Ramp

Textures can go through something called a ‘Colour Ramp’ node which will give you control of a textures contrast. It may be that you want to hide the darkest signal of colour and give adaptation to white values. The change in contrast makes the object more realistic, it gives the image more depth and detail.


This can give you control over which part of contrast you are working with or completely reverse the effect of a node. An invert was used in todays session when our colour ramp started to control the wrong value, an invert was put through before reaching and multiplying inside the ‘mix’ node. If this invert was not put on the two textured would have multiplied in the wrong fashion.

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