Sound Design – Critical Reflection


This is a critical reflection to the projects entrity with personal thought; problems and achievements I feel were met.

Work Flow

I feel I stuck to a strict and successful work flow. I felt I left myself enough planning, research and editing time to be happy with the overall experience and time management of the project. I would have wished to have included a video that expressed my use of sound design and recordings as it would have expressed my work flow a little better and have been more expressive. I would like to say here that I stuck to a near enough 50% of both my own and recorded space throughout the project. With the use of house hold items I constructed the sounds of a water tank; electricity; mechanical devices and a soundtrack that set an overall tone for the project.
I kept a good workflow by first watching the footage and noting anytime I felt a sound came in that would need the work of sound design. Once I had a catalouge of numbers with a readable description of what was needed, all I needed to do then was refer to it while recording new sounds which also acting as a catalouge that was most easily accessible through editing. That and also recording a video of the sounds that were used.
I recorded at 96htr which is double the highest frequency. This is done and considered a studio standard, it is exported at at 48htz which is a dvd standard. The reason for high sample rate is because adaptations and compression to sound done through sound design.
I used a XY zoom mic which records a XY cross with an option of a 90 or 120 degree pic up. From my experience before in sound experiments and classes I know that a XY cross mic usually produces a mid level repose to dynamic range. By saying this I mean it does not produce as an accurate AB stereo pic up system. For this type of sound design XY are ideal as there are easy to move about and set up and provide 96hrts of detailed information.
I was confident in the decisions I made toward my choice of sound design as generally I knew what the sounds needed and what it would sound like once it was recorded. 
My bad point I would say were choice in soundtrack as the scene didn’t really change much after the cut and had the existing soundtrack play through. I would have had a better go and creating ambience sounds and putting more time in to location what would make good ambient work for scenes as they are both important and essential.

I had the opportunity to have my work viewed and marked by an external marker who had no attachments to the project. He wrote an excellent report for me complimenting me on the work I has produced. He also gave good feedback and also critical comments on the narrative of the soundtrack. I am happy with the feedback and my overall experience in sound design. I found the Folley work creatively challenging and occasionally.. different. The work seemed to entice you and you find yourself getting into the process of giving picture your unique creation for it. It is both interesting and astounding how the work of sound design can influence a movie or picture.  

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