Cinematography – Crytical Analysis


This is my crytical analysis to my cinematography project. With high lights and problems I encountered and how I dealt with them.

I found the work of cinematography to be truly mesmerizing and mind boggling. The amount of of work that is needed to achieve success in cinematography is rediculous. Some scenes may run smoothly than other but it definitely makes a point to prove a sheer challenging and difficult task. Since my early research I found parts of media and other sources to give me insight into the task that was at hand. I feel one of the best tips and turned out to be a method of mine were learning to start from nothing and have no light sources but the ones that will be set up.
When filling a room full of colour will breed another problem. The inverse square law makes it impossible for a single light to light with an equal exposure across an entire set, the light would have to be massive. So this becomes the task of a light set up and one you should have practiced as this is only going to make a fairly long procedure in comparison, which is something I not only suffered but have learned. A film set now becomes an obstical course of bright lights and burning metal which will but strain on any camera man thinking he’l have a stab at just any and all camera moves.
I felt some locations were better than other and I feel I have set an extremely hard cinematography task. Having less scenery and objects in shot means that you have less detail to light meaning less colour and less detail. Working textures with lights is all well and good but they will not form and not create hard shadows which is something I researched in Vision of Lights. I learned to make blinds to give my lights texture in the hope of some detail in a darkly lit room. During the house scene I felt white walls were a blessing as they had made previous set ups a nightmare. A single lamp could now light a large segment.
I feel time management is the best thing to talk about from my project. It is such a large task to set up and make a film and you need to set enough time to plan re plan and plan some more.

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