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i Tracy,

I’ve had to given this project much thought in terms of what you needed. I hope this email can clarify some issues.


This is a two-part zombie thriller, it is a story of redemption following our main character Amanda who faces changes through facing the loss of her 8 year old son. The first half acts as an introduction to certain characters and provides us with a storyline (the underline message is not established until the second half). Amanda is seen to be in a state of depression her sole purpose and life force is gone and the will to give up is controlling her life. This is until she finds her self with a group of individuals who have also lost and have fears of losing more people they love. With no direction to how they might make it out alive our main character finds a chance of reinventing herself. Amanda has nothing to lose and quickly finds her self making quick decisions to ensure the groups safety. They now have confidence and face an extreme journey with many changes that give a perspective to the human condition when it is put in a life or death situation. Many of the group members are searching for a common goal but their fears and emotions will clash resulting in an even bigger challenge.. “Don’t give up hope and do what you will, death is not far so kill or be killed” – is a bleak impression to some of the thoughts and words of the characters involved.

My main goal is to grind these characters down and test them. I want to see what happens when peoples strength are compared and if there is an idea quality that is needed in this situation. Does it lie in persons will for their own safety? Is it about how much a person can deal with or sustain? Does the importance lie in what the person is like when they come out of it the other end? Does the power lie in the mind, the heart or the spirit?

These types of questions who be good to target towards our audience:
What would you do in a life or death situation? Would your sense of survival overthrow your character? When does righteousness seise to exist? Why it would seise to exists? Is their something in your life more important than life its self?….

(I hope this gives more of an insight in terms of story, style and feeling. It is a gothic good vx evil redemption tail.)


In this part I will try and best describe the characters personality, their clothing and transitions they may go through. The three main characters pictures are included in the zip files, your see that that have each have a different contract of dark skin.

Amanda (first half) – Struggling single parent who is seen looking to a close friend to look after her son while she works. She is a homely character who has recently got a job in a television programme as an extra. With most of her family gone as well as the departure of the father to her child she finds her self on her own. She juggles around new jobs to pay her bills and the little time left over is spent with her son. she is sweet and self motivated, witty and good heart.
Colour schemes – whites, pinks and blues on black

Amanda (second half) – She is now a fearless survivor with a hole in her heart. The loss of her child has completely swayed her and it is only until she finds a group of individuals who have the same issues and fears does meaning come back to her life. She sees a purpose in living and sees that god or life is not done with her yet. She swallows, locks her pain away, puts on the black eye shadow and studded jacket and prepares her self for some zombie killing. The energy that has been created through loss has projected outwards instead of inwards and she vows to keep everyone alive so as they can return to their family. She is seen as caring toward the group members, she sympathetic and vows to help them to safety.
Dress sense – punk / gothic. Black eye liners, gelled hair, studded jacket

Hunter (first half) – He’s a fresh character back from the armed forces who is seen in the big house with a group of friends when the power has gone out. He is talking with character James Dunsley and has little induction to his character. He plays a large part in the second half as he acts as the more smart and knowledgable soldier who is quiet happy in doing solo missions and tasks which the other members are not capable of doing. He acts as the muscle, he is the silent protector who has knowledge of war and survival methods i.e. how to make a bomb; how to make a trap; how to produce clean drinking water and how to make shelter.
Style – clean cut, stylish, new clothes, youthful

Hunter (second) – We see him in the second half more into his soldier routine. He is composed and alert and thinking more toward the objective than anything else. His character is quiet, calm and would rather take on duties than anyone else as he finds purpose in this role

Alfie – Owner of the Vicourage, he is a mad and crazed techno-wiz-kid seen to have many gadgets and toys. The story brings him in because of these qualities (he is the only one in the town with a backup generator). He is Amanda’s best friend and acts as her son only father figure. A subtle use of camera shots would suggest that Amanda and Alfie once had history as there is a feeling of romantic gestures towards her. He is very open and loving. He is also a father to an 17 yr old girl and has also had his other half take flight. Alfie doesn’t make it in our second half of the story but acts as the caring jester and is the source of support and happiness in Amanda’s life.
Style – Wiz-kid hippie, glasses outrageously dressed

Charley – Amanda’s son, Dark skin completion, well dressed and looked after. He is extremely quiet but is seen to give his mother some lovely one liners. He obviously smarter than your average 8 yr old as he has seen more than most children his age.
Style – Nike trainers, coll style, headphones, afro

Hope (second) – Hope is only in our second half and acts the part of weakness. She is a chronic heroin junkie that happens to have survived the outbreak, her emotions are very feminised and child like. She acts as a challenge for the group as she usually slows them down and has no real means to survive, her sole purpose has always been her additions and is still seen to rule her life. Plying the part of giving up, not caring, sorrow and loss Hope is an unfortunate character that lacks the skills to move forward who better illustrates the will for death than life (Her fairly like and child lke behaviour to raise sympathy for the character)
Style – Fairy like, neon tutu, bright wig, WARN OUT BRIGHT COLOURS

Charles (second) – This character best illustrates self interest as he has little care for other. He is first sen as the leader as he has a desire to control other but has complete disregard for their lifes and only how it can help him. He is seen as a seemly strong character and shows us how someone can appear to be strong and fall so fall i.e. how seemly strong evil forces can be made to look weak.. He is often the one to shout around the group and make plans with out including others, he holds the only gun which is a sighn on his controlling issues and frequently leads the group into danger before Amanda takes charge. His efforts soon result to the death of Hope which is seen as a selfish display of fear getting the best of him. He is weak and acts as another evil – evil through weakness.
Style – Shreded businessman, he looks as is he has just come out of an office

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