Research for Enter the pitch


Enter The Pitch is a film competition I have been to asked to enter as part of my professional industry module which needed a lot of research before going ahead with production which will be explained later on. This document is proof of all my evidence and research working up towards my two minute short film for Enter The Pitch.

18.09.13 – 25.09.13

To I have found out about the specifications regarding Enter The Pitch and have to produce a two minute narrative that explains the ‘underline’ message / meaning of a biblical story, character or topic. As my knowledge of the bible is limited I will have to carry out some research to have a better understanding of biblical stories / characters.

Reasearch Method:


-Internet Findings:–d4ac9b15-d45.aspx


The New Testament Children’s Bible:

– Genesis
– Joshua
– Mary


I have read a lot of stories as well as their versions and have heard peoples personal views on the underline meaning but still have not made an exact decision to which biblical context I will work on. In between this week of research I have tried to match some scripts I have already written toward the brief of Enter The Pitch which is something the site strongly disagrees on. Although I can see sense in this I want to see if this is possible as I have a zombie short film that I want to film any time soon and would work out if I could match it in with this competition.

Through this week I have looked into many stories and characters and have widened my research to give a broad understanding of the topics. These are my methods so far: Blogs, books, videos, forums and articles. I found this research to be good and it has shown me many possibilities for a short film although the ‘underline’ message seems to be something of interpretation, and can change depending on the user. This could be the competitions attempt to make the subject more open or it could be a way of demising the ones without research.. Three scripts shine out at this moment, the first being Moses and the story of the plague. I feel this story could really work as a zombie thriller as it expresses an outbreak that spreads over the land and could give room to talk on the suffering and survival of the people who were affected.

Either way I must now further my research and see if the scripts and story ideas I have in mind will actually work.


Further research

This is a link of a recording with Parish Sharon Constable for extra research I did before attempting to make my 2 minute short video. In terms of research I know I needed a second opinion and something a little more accurate than blogs and other websites. I arranged a meeting with Parish Sharon Constable and began to question her about a short film that was already in mind and also about other ideas.


Me and Sharon sat down for several minutes and talked through passages in the bible. I was glad to have spent this time with her as she had a great understanding and in depth knowledge about the characters and stories. Through this discussion I have found a passage and character that would support my redemption zombie thriller and now had enough of an understanding to carry out my video.

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