Abstract Proposal

In this task we have been asked to come up with our own unique abstract project that we will be left to research and explore on our own. This may mean the use of different programmes or exploring a number of peoples finding before devising your own.

Blender vs other programmes

I will be exploring Blender for it’s uses of 3d Modelling and match moving. I will research into the project to see how successful it is at its functions and will make a comparison by comparing it to other software packages. This will highlight that Blender can effectively produce results which are similar and occasionally better than specific special effect programmes.
I will research into software packages and research into the demands that are expected of these software packages. I will look into it’s usage before conducting my own and use examples via the internet of where it has been used.

I will conduct the same experiment in both programmes and document my finding by screen shots, video tutorials and video diaries. This should give me a good and practical method of comparing my findings and explaining it to others. I plan to use my challenges as part of my reflection and to show ways I have managed to by pass them.

When I have my findings I will I explore the results and conclude to which programme is the best based on a number of topics:
1) Accessibility – how easy the programme is to use i.e. if the lay out is simple and things are easy to find, if the tools are simple and it’s process is understandable
2) Results – what the results are i.e. which programme produced the best findings in terms of accuracy, appearance, subtlety, design and detail
3) Personal – how I personally liked the programme which could be measured in terms of all the above, it’s look and design of the programme and product company

Fali_Research_Project_Proposal_Form_1213_2013_14 (1)

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