Task 4 – SSI

I plan to evaluate on my Special Subject Investigation module and give response to my process, performances and outcomes of this project. I will be speaking about the subject Blender and what I have been working on since the project began. I built a robot in order to best conclude my developement one that would be textured, animated and used as part of another project. I will give an honest opinion of each of the stages made and good and bad parts about the project.


The idea was to begin my research and progression through 3D modelling. I began with fist researching by the use of Youtube videos and tutorials to inspire me and make me aware of the wwork achieved by others. When searching through other peoples work I started to pick on individual and shared techniques these people were using which were all taken down as part of a manual which would aid me through my production stages. I then began conducting experiments in Blender from the information and techniques I had started to pick up. Once making a few modules I decided to research into others who had modled a similar design to the one I intended. This gave me a notion to come up with a plan for the design. I scribbled plans and began to describe the design of my robot and the characteristics it may have.
Once all my planning and experiments were achieved I began to 3D modle my robot, developing it as I went. It took many weeks and I began from the head working toward it feet using the new techniques as I went along. Once the shape was made I began with detail such as indents and screw and panels that gave the robot more identity. Once the robot was finished I began to texture, watching texturing videos as I went. I tried a number of techniques and tried my best at texturing from the bare bones which meant a long process of understanding key components such as UV unwrapping and baking out a modle ready to texture.
I know had a few variations of textures and ones which all expressed a different process. My modle was practiced with and was ready to animate.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Research Methods Used

I feel I had a stregth in not being biassed in researching different way blender and 3D modeling was used. I saw the process to computer games to drink advertisements and it all shed some light onto y subject. One strength that I feel was good interms of researching was putting peopls techniques to practice, it gave me a better understanding to what and how they could be done. I feel watching a long tutorial of a  detailed spaceship gave me the encouragement to try my best with my modle and the ways I researched other modles was a good efort and taught me a lot. A failed in looking to other students who were also in the stages of learning and did not research indepth the work of well known artists nor its history. My research was blunt and was used solely as a means of bettering my production skills or to encourage and make comparisons.


I feel this was achieved in the sense that now I am a better ad more aware 3D modeler but not in the many uses it could have been used in. As there was pressure to create something that combined with another project the model never reach it’s intended purpose nor its potential. It turned into an education exercise instead of a finalised project. But was successful in terms of what it mean to me and what it has accomplished. It has both acted towards a skill I had never knew of and has acted in finalising in what career path I should take.


The model (s) what extremely reliable in educating me into this interface. It gave me room to make mistakes and see how to make corrections. All in all the model would have taken many different shapes over its course and was an easy method of progressing in a role.
What was not reliable is that the uses it could have been made for if the texture was finished and the animating began.

Alternative Routes to the Same Information

An alternative would have been to watch a modeler who was much more technically qualified that me to come out with a better end result but would not have given me that practical independence with the subject as I have gathered.I could have watched endless tutorials again but may have not came to the same conclusion and I could have looked into different programmes but I didn’t.


I feel that I set a long period of time with many sessions and hours used up. Fortunately I had the facilities of the college to work on but it meant that I needed to be there within college opening and closing times and meant I could not study on it in the hours of the evening or weekends. There was no other needs as far as travel and time goes.

Recommendations for the Future

I recommend that I try this whole process again and give more time to texture and animation as these were the methods that sort less attention that the other and it would be interesting to see how my process may or may not progress now that I have had experience in it. I should look to try other ways of either texturing modeling or animating and research in the genres and ways Blender is used.



I feel I portrayed an accurate robot which matched my plans of design of charistics and functions and the plans to investigate were met. The accuracy relied in the overall experience I gethered and was not the process I set out for. My plans were to partake in a subject within film that I did not understand and I leave the project feeling accurately met that goal.

Fitness for Purpose

The robot unfortunitely did not mean its sole purpose. Which means the planning to style and genre did not preform in the role it was suppose to. It was suspose to be a fully textured and animated robot ready to be used in future projects but this did not happen due to the time management. It did how ever like the other models act for a good platform for me to learn on.

Ethical Issues

It answered my questions about the use of Blender and the effect techniques can have over a final product. It had shown me and encourage me toward a new medium and has definitely shown me the amazement and great work given from this subject. It has also kept my overall positive view about; film, video and the media industry in tact.

Feedback, eg audience, client, tutors

I have had several opportunities to share my final outcome with my class and tutors whom have seen me go from the very start of researching this topic to finalising a finished module. I feel both my class and my tutors have been supportive with possitive feedback about my design.without any question to what the model was. The feedback from by tutor was good he even gave me advice and talks about his own knowledge of the subject and aided me through certain stages.


I didn’t have any involvement with my peer for this SSI model. As it was my own investigation I didn’t see it fit. They did how ever advice me to look for certain names who have been successful with Blender.

Recommendations for the Future

I recommend that I set more time to investigate a project as large as this and keep punctual in terms of my time management and planning. I would look to bring someone help with the process if the position was a difficult task and that I conducting more experience and tests with texturing and animating.


Quality of Research

I feel the amount of areas I looked into were sufficient although I had not stated every example I have found which would indicate there wasn’t much order in my findings. I suggested earlier that my research was only to teach me different techniques and not an effort to research into the industry and history.
I feel I could or should hae been researching animations and CGI along side the project to understand the topic in a broader fassion. This may have mean that I would have both come out of it with experience of the industry as well as its techniques which is better as a whole.

Compare Completed Work with Original Proposal

My original proposal was to investigate into a infamiliar subject and come out with it with a fully modeled, textured and animated robot. Instead I came out with experience of all processes but not the completed example to suggest this. Even though the product did not get completed nor did I have a chance to use it for my Negotiated Project I still feel that the project was a success and that I came out with a good final design.
The proposal had not changed since I started this project not because of mistakes or the design / purpose but has stayed as an on-track mission to discover Blender and the processes that can be seen using this programme.

Presentation of Results, eg medium, format, style, effectiveness

I feel that I would have liked to present this project as a moving animation in a full walk cycle if not including it into a short film. Instead I have a number of screen shots which does provide evidence of my project but with out a viewer friendly method. I have had Blender open which provides a good way of setting your model and showing it to near by peers and tutors.
The model never got as far as Blender so it remained as a .blend file. It was always rendered at ’10’ which can be seen in the number of screen shots. Some examples started in photoshop would have also been different files some of them as high detailed pictures.
The style of the robot was sci-fi as I had plans to fit it in with my Neg project. As sci-fi was the style of my Neg I chose it to be the similar style of this project and preferred to make a sci fi model than anything else. The style was said to be like Halo meets Apple:- which would make for a futuristic and clean style for the robot.
I feel because the robot was made by simple extrusions it made the look extremely symmetrical and attractive. This is something that texture artists would look for as it provides with a simple design to UV unwrap and a simpler job for other 3D modelers who are planning on helping through these stages. I found the 3D model fairly simple meaning I knew it would be reliable for the next processes and that the design suited all of the ideal plans made for it. For example, the way it was armed with enough to look ok in a war sci; it’s clean design which would have succeeded in sci fi and it’s fairly simple and symmetrical design good for texturing, modeling and appearance.

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