Task 3 – Panda Funk


We were given the chance to make a promotion video for two clients. The idea was to have two different soundtracks that would best describe and introduce the two dancers.It would test our sound design skills as both our editing and filming skills.


We had a group of individuals that spent a day to shoot the entire movie. There was a plot and a script; the group best captured the identity of the individuals and captured their dance routine. We had two soundtracks to work with and the edit did not take too long. Certain things did not go to plan with a second day of filming which did not go ahead. The dance routine sometimes would not match which gave me a new challenge as an editor. I have had past experiences with editing using an audio soundtrack which I feel helped my through the process.
I chose both of the soundtrack and felt that the first promoted the Panda Funk name as best it could. The second I used when the two emerged and began their dance. I feel though even that the performance was not as exact as it could have been the tricks used through editing and the use of a soundtrack made the process a lot easier that first imagined.

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