Task 4 – Foley Artist


I have created a video in support of my sound design module. From other tasks I have established there are many different techniques to sound design and many different ways of creating the unique processes. In this video I have constructed a video which has taken two different stages. The first was to film and edit the video: The second was to then gather various amounts of sound design to accompany the video.


On my day of recording sound I went round with a shotgun mic to try to obtain the certain sounds I was looking for. As time went on I found that the quality of my sounds where many not what I needed to achieve my final product. Even though these sounds could have been changed or had the volumes increased I found that the problem was in the script and I would now go off to create my own custom Foley Artist script.
With the ADR I used I found that the levels were too high for an exported finalised product and certain things needed to be done with this. With the DB decreased from ‘+6’ I managed to get it too an average ‘+2’ which helped with the quality as any other wav file that was used would have been drowned out. As my ADR work was done in a studio I did not suffer from back ground noise nor need the use of a wind shield. It was a controlled environment which help with the quality.

The next plan was to now use the internet to find a list of sounds that would match up with my imagery; one thing I needed to look for was a sound track that would act as an ambient background for my WAV files and ADR to play over. I realised that I needed a clip of ‘trees blowing in the wind’ but knew that if it was recorded live that the sound of the wind and the movement of trees would not be something that would just disappeared so this would give me the indication of what the ‘ambient background’ should possess.
I went through a list of WAV files that were not suitable; some of them being too loud or intimidating for the scene. I mostly looked for soothing and vibrant samples to create a sort of atmosphere for my video.

The next thing to include was the dialogue scene. The dialogue scene was first written as a conversation between two people; I decided not to do this as on the day I would only have access to two actors and I knew that showing a Foley Artist recording a person having a conversation over the phone would be exactly the same as a conversation between two people. I knew the likelihood of people knowing who these actors were slim, I knew that it wouldn’t be a problem to record my own voice. I spent a few minutes in a sound booth and recorded my two minute conversation.

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