War Film – Research and Inspiration

In my Neg & SSI project I am intending to create a scene with soldiers attacking two heavily armed robots and needed some research and inspiration in how to shoot a similar scene.

In this scene from Saving Private Ryan it shows a group of soldiers being pinned down by a sniper in a bell tower. The soldiers in Simulation Soldiers face a similar scenario although they are defending a position instead of being pinned down and taking cover. I feel there is little different in terms of the techniques used to film it although I would imagine that some shots will be more open to express a fully armed unit taking on an enemy unit instead of a claustrophobic approach used to express a uni boxed in. How ever, this video is incredibly close to what Im trying to achieve. In terms of editing and shooting it shows a beautiful range of shots that cut together: I will have to do a similar thing as I need to cut to each soldier to show their progression in the simulation.

This is a sequence from the series called Band of Brothers and is extremely action packed. It gives great insight into a soldier as it shows how they move and help direct each other by the use of covering fire and battle tactics. Battle and Tactics are two words to best describe this video; the effect is incredibly strong and even in parts of with still motion or non action this effect is still there.
What this video has shown me is the intense atmosphere the sound designer has over the scene, this and a beautiful display of camera movement through a location, which is also another factor that makes this scene. I think another thing that makes it is the amount of characters we follow through the scene which gives it a sense of variety which makes it interesting. Among most its the action and how it is displayed i.e. there is enough casualties, kills and fire rate to keep the audience glued to the screen.

Michael Mann




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