Inspiration and Links

This was one of the first images I saw with the use of imagery in blender. It is a seemingly easy way to make a 3D model if the user is not artistically talented and inspired and made my investigation into blender come to life. I see this as a fast and potentially easy way of making my model for the SSI project. The process isn’t to complex either: It works on the basis of having two windows open in blender to keep control over both the shape and dimension of the illustrations.


This is a sped up video I found on youtube; it showed both 3D modelling and texturing. The end result looked amazing and was inspiring; it was good to see a new way of using blender and how layering textures can also add to the effect of 3d modelling by changing the dimensions of the product by use of cutting and adding to the module’s bulk. It also shows how you can make a humanoid from the use of simple excursions and bought the possibly of creating people / humanoids in Blender.


This again was another video that showed how to make a human model with simple excursions and scaling. Each time I saw a video tutorial it gave me insight into different techniques of how to model and has been expressed through my ‘Blender Tutorials and Methods’ manual.
Even though saying that modelling a human would be easy would be un truthful; watching the tutorials and following techniques from others does make the idea seem more accessible. It would be obvious to say you would need to understand the human anatomy but following tutorials can also give you an understanding and confidence boost.


This was another video tutorial that caught my eye; a seemingly easy method of how to include seemingly expensive props and have them at your disposal by a few days effort in blender seems like a good deal to me and is something that can widen my film making skills.
The 3D model was created by simple scaling and excursions around the uploaded image.

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