Design and Decision – Robot Design

This is something I hope to achieve. I have been considering the War Hammer Dreadnought for some time and may choose the design for my robot for SSI. As you can see this is fully modelled, texturised and animated and is accurately rotoscoped: All things I will have to do in order to make the project work.

This is another video which supports the Dreadnought design. As you can see from the design it is incredibly box shaped; which for me seems a lot more appealing that trying to model and animate something with to many vertices and shapes also it should make animating easier;- with less components to move.
The fire power is exactly something I would imagine to be in my simulation because unlike other robots a dreadnought has two forms of fire power and would make an excellent challenge for a simulation.

This link contains a youtube channel which supports the modelling of a dreadnought only problem is it is not the same programme but may give me some insight into this design.

This is a more futuristic and authentic looking robot which suits my Apple meets Halo theme and would support the project better than the original dreadnought idea. If I can learn how to make this this may be the shat I will use!


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