Animation – Shadow Puppet Theatre

As a group we have been creating tests pieces in order to create a certain style for our video game animation module. Our topics is shadow puppets and puppetry and are exploring the different ways this can be done.

Today has been a test into different colour schemes within shadow puppets and what happens to the effect when the colours are introduced. Here are a few of the colours and some meaning or ideas that I have had from them:


You can see the red eyes stand out on a blank background making a more dramatic feel for the trees


Lunar Green:
This green to me works good as a lunar mist, a colour you would see as part as a swamp


Fire and Afternoon:
This orange was a good colour and looked like it would work well for afternoon in a shadow puppet environment


The purple also worked well to symbolise as a time in the sky which gives us a chance to impose time or periods through our animation


Another colour which acted as a certain style


This acts as a well midnight or full moon look for the skies and creates a ‘chilling’ feel for our set

Two-tone Colours

We had now starting to take our experiments a step further by introducing multiples of colour to see the reaction. Here you can see with the use of two gels it’s possible to impose ideas such as two colours acting as certain elements; like the change of colours in the sky or the split of the horizon where the sky meets the floor. Either way introducing colours and the use of coloured gels has given us more room to develop our project.



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