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  1. fdmistry says:

    Today we looked into animation techniques and the use of Flash for animation. The aim was to use an still image of Micky Mouse and animate him by the use of paint and key frames. The focus was to concentrate on lip sync to audio by taking a key frame for each ‘vowel’ or ‘constant’ that Micky will say.

    We first uploaded a still of Mickey; this would act as our template and we can start animation from here. A file needed to be created called ‘Micky_Vector’ this would be the file for where the animation would take place and act as our animated copy of the still image. We placed the Mickey folder inside the Vector and to the centre of the stage so that they were all connected. We centred him and began to give the image some transparency so that the paint will be made more visible for animation.

    We began to make folders which would all respresent different parts of Mickeys body, this was to have more control and organisation over the animation

    Inverse Kinematics (IK Chain)

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