Task one – Negotiated Project

For this assignment I have been asked to come up with a project idea; formulate it; produce and evaluate. After this process has been put forward I will then have to present my final idea to an audience which could be a means of entering it into a competition or it could be to screen it in the local theater to students and a local audience.
The idea of this project is to both test my production and producing skills and go at it with a professional and tactful attitude;- making sure that deadlines are met and problems are expressed and dealt with.

Project Idea: War-Action / Sci fi through ‘action’ and ‘Blender’
My idea is to create a short film based on a group of soldiers attempts of beating a simulation at the same time as improving their skills as a unit. This project will give me the chance to explore the depths of action movies; I will have to do my research in how to shoot action and how to work with tempo i.e. producing more shorter shots from many different angles to impose the expression of ‘action’.
The idea expresses soldiers fighting in a simulation (as called Simulation Soldiers) and will challenge me to learn what it is I must do, as well as actors must to create a film of action in war scenes. My Ideas so far to produce a war action film:

  • To have my actors first develop as a group to learn what it is to be a soldier i.e. for them to live the reality of; training drills; skills of a soldier; formations; weapon skills and army communication methods: All of this I feel is essential and from my understanding all actors undergo this method when trying to learn the part in a war film. This is done because the army has a certain regimental order and having a bunch of actors running aimlessly through takes will be seen to be unrealistic. In the film ‘The Raid’ each actors took on months of intensive training so as they knew everything from army commands to how to carry their weapons and it was done to such a degree that they them selves looked like soldiers throughout the film.
  • I must understand my edit all the way through filming. To me most action scenes rely heavily on the edit, it is how the rhythm and feel is greatly expressed. In Michael Manns film ‘Heat’ there was around 100 shots of a gun scene scene. This made the editor able to quick quickly between lots of different shots to impose the feeling of a fast action sequence. To shoot a film blind is ridiculous and I plan to use longer shots both in time and in focal length to express a calm introduction so as that when the action begins I will both have a contrast and new ground to work with. By sticking close to my story boards and creating tests shots will be the way of determining a good idea from a bad one

My film tells the story of a group of individuals who are thought to be the greatest ‘simulation soldiers’ of the country although their team working skills would suggest that they are far from a countries hope. Each individual character has a unique skill and flaw that the story will touch on and use to best describe the characters.
Simulation Soldiers is based on the idea that any man, women or child can join a safe alternative to solving wars between countries, where fanatic ‘gamers’ will lead the way instead of arsenals and ‘super soldiers’.
My idea to express this “Gamers will lead the way” is to show that each member of the group has a mental or physical condition that would not be made suitable for the normal regulations or restrictions of an elite soldier, and instead have their condition almost characterise them so that the audience automatically responses to the character and recognises their is an issue with the team (as well as supporting the idea that in this world any man women or child can be a simulation soldier).


Genre: War / Sci fi
I feel the genre that best describes this short is both ‘Sci-fi’ and ‘war film’ this is beacause: It is set in a futuristic and fictional world where the norms of war have been left behind and replaced by a network where people are physically linked into a digital world to progress in war-like activities. The simulation room is very sci-fi as well as their uniforms as they appeal to look more ‘space-age’ than present day. In the simulation the team face two robots which would also support the genre of sci-fi.
It has a war appeal because we follow a group of soldiers who are in a regiment trying to explore the grounds of army prep. Everything from their dress sense to their expressions are all simulations to what is seen in today’s barracks and infantries. I feel the style is a key thing that will support the genre.

The style is a sort of polished post-modernism meaning that the equipment used and uniforms aren’t of a futuristic nature nor a present and past context but something that meets in the middle (Apple meets Halo). The troops are seen with present day guns which will have a futuristic appeal but this will be an effect done in After Effects. There are both lasers and bullets that are used in the battle field and a new age simulation chamber is seen as a white and space-like room.
‘Halo’ and ‘Star ship Troopers’ are two good comparisons to go by. These two films both reflect the kind of new age post-modernism that I want to obtain and not a usual look (seen with post-modernisms) as seen in ‘Blade Runner’. These two movies both express a similar style to such things as weaponry.  How ever, in Simulation Soldiers the troops uniforms are not as futuristic and instead are more like today’s troops than anything. It is only when we see the robots in simulation and the group of troops waking up in the simulation room do we know that it is a sic-fi short. Many other elements are seen as present day.

War films have attracted millions world wide and also has created This is because it may create a significant interest towards history and culture; or show the intense reality and destruction to life it is capable of.

To me it is about the implication of struggle by a group of individuals who an audience can relate to; that and the terrifying action sequences they must endure.
My target audience is anyone who has a love for war films and an aesthetic attraction to Sci Fi and this will be achieved by creating an incredibly personal and action packed war scene as well as putting my best efforts into the creation of my 3D model created in blender and the simulation room.

Intended Aim
My intended aim is to first research into sci fi and war films to better understand the concept and then go on to improve my story board by the use of cinematography manuals and resources. I intend to use books such as ‘Master Shots’ to support this.
As far as using this footage to help benefit me in my career towards film I will be searching for competitions and film festivals but as of yet do not intend to enter it and have this video solely for my own experience and media portfolio.

I intend to make this movie without a budget or at least keep expenditure to a minimum. There are a few thing that may need to financial attention such as; changing the studio that we have in college into a ‘new age’ simulation room. The room will need to have a set of stairs including into it as it is part of a crucial shot to end the film. Also the troops will need four simulation helmets as part of the simulation device. Extra costs will include money for paint and money for petrol:

  • Wooden stair set – £30
  • Paint – £20
  • Helmets – £ 30 – (May be able to use the hard helmets in college and create a mesh to go over them


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