Task 5 – Documentary Evaluation


This is my first piece of evidence of evaluating my documentary in terms of what the public thinks. Firstly I would like to say that many different kinds of people came to watch this piece i.e. people who know about DJing and like it to the ones that don’t.
I have had 20 people liking the video with a handful of people writing comments which were all in positive. From their response I feel that they liked it and because of the difference in audiences I could even go as far to say it attracted past by targets. They were pleased with the video and many found it entertaining. I had a media student at the top who recognises film and video qualities and stated that he liked the type of shots that were used.
This is all good but I will attempt to strengthen this by getting a critical analysis from a handful of individuals so that I will have more room to evaluate.

Critical Feedback
I have now had feedback from two individuals who have both spoken on the technical quality and have stated their opinions about the video. One person who is a house mate whom has comment in this blog in a previous page. I would like to quote another individual who attends the college before going on to make my evaluation.
From his words he told me that he liked the technical quality of my edit and enjoyed some of the shots that were used but when asking me what my aims were; he felt that it did not hold enough meaning for him to follow and his words:
“It felt like it was the beginning of a documentary that turned into a video with random images”

Based on the comments and other people thought I would like to say that I feel the documentary went well and it did capture the feel of environment that I was looking for. However, the feedback can not be ignored I can see that at times there is lack of meaning that is not explained and my attempts to show the work ethics of a DJ were not met. Instead I captured the feeling and atmosphere of a club environment instead of creating an educational piece about my subject. I think for someone who has never seen this topic before would have found some quality in it but they were not my target audience.
I feel that poetic documentary has given me some leeway and is why I feel I havn’t failed to make a documentary. How ever, like I was advised;- a documentary showing a DJ’s journey in and out of clubs through the night would have been a better way to show both his working ethics and the atmosphere of different clubs he may play in.
If my plan was to solely catch the environmental of a DJ and club I feel I would have met my goal but have not produced enough of a personal experience into the DJ. Instead it seems that he has been pushed a side and I have captured ‘A night out’.

Comparison to other DJ documentaries
Before I started my video I looked into a video by the name of ‘Spun Out’ which I felt held a very developed documentary that was packed with information. I feel for an audience who wants to understand this subject would more likely turn to this as it expressed before experiences on the topic.  How ever, for me I like the feel and atmosphere I produced through my work: It was poetic and wasn’t long winded and showed light on a very fun and funky experience wish is what I half intended by trying to recreate an atmosphere and feel towards the music. The fact that they are both styles makes it hard to compare but and feel they both had their unique qualities.

What went wrong
I feel I did not get all the shots I intended to. This was because of the rushed time I had with my set up club and actors. To correct this I could have spent time in a club and stayed there for it’s entirety. This would have made getting my desired shots more possible and to shoot a DJ from a far which would have produced a more natural feel to his work.

There was not enough to show his work. Time a tutor at the college suggested it would have been better to capture the DJ’s work through the night going club to club instead of trying to capture every effort he made in one scenario.

What I have learnt
I have learned from this and feel the feedback was important to me. I shall take care of the educational qualities and if needed will include a more visual experience or to think about using a different style to express the information i.e. ‘expository documentary’. I think a skill is definitely choosing the right technique for the right subject as I have found in this one that my idea can be easily seen as a promotional or music video. Maybe this is due to the theme as it works very closely to what you would see in a music video. In any case; the right mode is an essential process before going forward to making a documentary.

Improving skills
As I want to improve my skills an idea would be to go back to this module and improve it by making a new documentary solely on the bits I feel didn’t make it (as I feel I may have missed a large section of the hard work and ethics). I will attempt to find another DJ who experiences this on a weekly bases and use the techniques of interviews and talk overs to better educate my audience. One person in particular stands out as he would be able to give information into the work ethics and even take it a step further by included his attempts to promote his own music through DJing.
I feel I must do this as I am keen on created something educational and think that I should solve this problem and better my skills for the purpose of my development in media and understanding of it.

In-dept evaluation

Technical Quality
I feel the main technical quality was seen in my edit as at times I was left with an extremely random selection of images. The technical quality was breaking down the footage and incorporating the still and more static footage into the fast paced continuous shots.
The lighting was made to suit the environment with the use of two flow lights that both acting as a soft light and pretend rave lights that you would see behind stage. The technical quality was positioning them in such a way where it would create a soft light on the audience and not not over shadow the mixer. Two blue filters acted as disco and dance floor effect.
Creating moving towards centre of a frame was a way I obtained many of the shots to make them seem interesting. Such things as panning up across the mixer to reveal a pair of hands using the EQ levels is an example of this. Also taking the headphones out of shot; were all technical skills I used to demonstrate my skill in camera work.

I did well to create a good video which was fit for the sound track with clever little cut aways when ever the soundtrack would go off beat and produce to encourage the beat with the use of aesthetic elements. I feel I produced some could close up shots of some of the equipment used: The slow push towars the record box to me showed a good identity to a DJ and gave him a mysterious appeal.
Like talked about above I tried to create movement to centre of frame to make the shots look more pleasing to the eyes and the choice of light set a look and feel to the story.

Realisations of Aims 
I realise that my aims were not all met as the DJ played a more separate contribution than I hoped. Their is still truth in this but my intention was to show the story more from his eyes before connecting the two together. I feel I have produced a piece that matches the environment of the scene I intended to work on but have missed certain objects.

Sustainability for Purpose
I feel I have produced a documentary that does support my theme and would be suitable for people would wish to watch a piece on either; DJing, raves; DnB or other types of dance music. How ever, someone hoping to learn about skills and techniques may not find this so interesting. My argument is that is it something that may attract audiences rather than educate them

Own Contribution to Project
I took on a large role to be able to produce this project. It was a subject that was personal to me so I hoped to make it as well as I could. I came up with the majority of shots and even produced many of the shots that were used in the edit. Along with; making the set; providing the equipment; DJing for the rave scene; editing the final piece; shooting the intro scenes; finding some of the cast; directing and cinematography; my role were demanding and fun to do.
I feel I would not take this many roles on in a larger project or even attempt to do this amount again but it was an extremely rewarding processes and my efforts were rewarded by the end.

Team Contribution
My team member was extremely helpful as stated before he also tackled many of the roles that I faced and the work load was shared. He did an extremely good job of finding the amount of cast members and directing them when the filming progressed. He got into the moment and integrated with the crowd, this really shows from the camera work as it is as if he wasn’t there with a camera. He was also there to help set up and gave his own ideas for shots on top of the amount that were there in the story board. He did a brilliant Job at following my wishes as a co director and producing his own input.

Meeting deadlines
I feel all deadlines were met and the completion of the project went well. I have managed to complete all tasks that I have set out to do and have gotten them in on time. I have enjoyed this module extremely well and have found the research I have learn and history into British documentary very good. Im not sure how this will help me as a film maker but being in the knowledge that Britain are the creators of documentary makes me want to perform it at a better level and makes me more keen to be a film maker in this country.



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