Task 4 – Editing: Part two


From the image above you see a better view of what is going on. From the left you can see where we left off at the beginning of the narrative arc where the group of frieds are dancing. All I did in these shots were cut from each of them dancing in a group, so for instance cut from a close up of one of them to a group shot and this was repeated till my final shot of one of the girls dancing on her own. I decided to make a cut half way through her dance and slow the footage to have way and add a ‘dip to black’ to give this sense of ecstasy and euphoria.
Where you can see the red bar and dips to black you may notice that it is seeming similar to the start of the edit. This is because it is, and where the breaks in the music happend I wanted to symbolise this time slowed down and montage of shots between different scenes to give it an effect to show the what is happening through the night without always relying on a linear and what happens next effect.
I feel this effect between breaks was really what I was looking for and the soundtrack really helped me to get this effect of the narrative arc taking stops to tease the audience. I feel these teases or breaks makes the main continuos shots have more of an effect because as of yet we have not seen a large crowd of people dancing with the music which we would usually associate a DJ and dance floor with. The anticipation comes because of the choice in first shots I chose which was a crowd in slow mo and because of this all the way through the narrative arc and breaks the audience wonder were theses shots will come in.

As you can see these ‘dip to black’ effects I chose were the same sort of style I used for the start with the use of slowed down images. The only difference is the ‘dip to black’ effect and I used this because I imagined the story further through its arc and with this use of effect it shows a euphoric jump cut through different states and this effect stops as a record is put onto the turntable and the drums build to bring us to the big scene.


I have decided to stop the red bar to focus on the new first image (where the soundtrack has dropped and this is no new break ahead of it) and it shows a large crowd dancing to the music which was the main anticipation. Even though now I had the chance to cut the larger clips and continuous clips of the crowd together I did not want to make it solely that so every now and then when an off beat happend in the soundtrack I would cut back to something like a EQ being turned or a cross fader. This was because it kept the footage of the crowd fairly fresh and was a good chance to keep the relationship and meaning between DJ / equipment and crowd.


Now we are right in the middle of the arc: We have began with a group of friends making a start point; footage of what the arc will lead up to and the show of equipment and work the DJ is about to put in (his work is seen all the way through the story because his work never stops until the end of the night or his set).

I have decided to stop the red bar on this image because up until now we had shown a fair amount of shots of equipment and mixing techniques and this shot sticks out. It sticks out because at this point it is the longest shot of the DJ again and there is meaning for this. The tiny snippets symbolise a faster as well as less important meaning but this shot in particular is slow because at this point we would imagine the DJ would tire or show some sort of stress and this long slow shot of a DJ searching through his record box is to symbolise this stress and isolation that he faces while the edit shows a happy and upbeat crowd enjoying them selves. If I were to show the DJ smiling then this would give a different meaning but I cut to an isolated shot to show his personal and separate experience.

One thing that was striking at this point was because of the speed of the soundtrack I had already used a fair amount of footage and was running out of footage that would cut well together. One major problem was not to use shots that were static because; they for one, stopped the rhythm of the edit and two; did not work together with the continuous shots.
I found myself at this points making cuts to shots and then scrapping the whole thing. One thing that did help were the shots of the DJ but only meant I had an more variety of what I could cut to next and not which shots of the crowd would work well together.
One thing that I did notice was because now I right in the moment with the people dancing it did not matter on the speed of the shot because the meaning inside the shot told enough.


The shots of the crowd stars to die down near the end and when the soundtrack brings back certain elements and qualities of the intro I decided this would be the time to slow down. So a person doing a backflip ended the last bar (giving one extreme) and now shots of the crowd slowly dispersing were used i.e. shots of feet and less detail (another extreme) would now end the arc. The story ends with a slow shot back to the DJs equipment which is incredibly long, perhaps the longest shot in the edit so that the audience know it is the end. A shaking hand held shot which created a less stages and real effect was the last shot as we focused on and off of a record symbolising the meaning for music.

Evaluation on Editing
I feel my editing was all around good; the shots and cuts matched the rhythm and I was pleased on many of the shots that were used. I don’t feel my documentary shown as of a stronger meaning and more underlined message that some of the DJ documentaries I had research into for a comparison but had its own qualities. Because it was poetic I had to tell the story through the music and footage alone. This was hard at some point because you asked your self how can I tell this story the way I want to and still up hold the meaning.
Cryptically speaking the narrative arc shows a fairly controlled introduction; it starts off slow and we begin with a recognisable group of individuals which is lost through the next section and actually is only linked together by the slows and ‘dip to blacks’ which only shares an atmosphere and not a message The arc may have been strengthened if we stuck with these characters through out and showed them leaving aswel as them entering a club. How ever, I felt because this was a poetic documentary I had the freedom to focus on atmosphere instead of an underlined message or story. Poetic documentary to me is a more artistic medium and gives room for a less explained meaning so long as there is meaning there as well as some sort of story telling.

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