Task 4 – Editing: Part one


Above you can see the intro and start to my documentary. In my edit my plan was always to show a collection of images to signify a DJ preparing for a set and to do this by showing either; the motionless and un-used equipment (calm before the storm) or a DJ preparing / setting up and picking up his head phones before the narrative arc unfolds.
I had managed to stick to this idea by managing the same effect with the use of footage of bits of equipment like; a recordbox, a shadow crossing over the mixing deck and the DJ picking up the headphones. All this crossed over and mixed with footage f a cheering crowd to portray what was going to happen and added to the ‘Calm Before the Storm’ effect.
From the image above you can clearly recognise what I am speaking about. A soundtrack at the bottom which shows broken up and patchy audio which would suggest it was fairly quiet i.e. the intro and the reasonably long video clips that support this. The shots are long because it was the intro of the piece and I wanted to obtain a a slow and settled feeling to both match the slow build up of the soundtrack and to place the “Calm Before the Storm” atmosphere I was looking for, also some clips were slowed down at around half speed to impose that at this point the crowd is experiencing euphoria  The smaller and cut up bits on the edit bar is the footage of a DJ reaching for his headphones;- layers over the larger clip underneath it of; the set up equipment.


From the image you can see now that the audio has picked up due to the larger sections on the audio bar. I have decided to include the image with it because this is the shot that is the beginning of the documentary (talking in linear style) and plays an important role to the narrative arc. From here we follow a group of frieds as they cue and enter the club. As you can see by the size of the images they are still regarded as long image and we are still in a slow and steady editing technique.  This is because the narrative has just started and the soundtrack has another break before the drop in the track (This is where the edit is intended to speed up).


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