Task 2 – Directing Test shots: War_script

Test piece for directing dialogue


In this test piece I have developed my skills in editing familiarised my self with ‘L cuts’ and ‘J cuts’. For example a cut can happen smoothly due to its timing and similar framing to the previos shot but when the audio is played through is gives way for an easier edit. For example the shot can go easily from someone reaction to something being said to the one speaking if you can hear the audio being play back, this is because you believe it is all happening in one instant and avoids the illusion or cutting to scenes together which is what film and video breed. As learn from Hitchcock the human mind is able to distinguish the relationship between two separate scenes when they are cut in between them selves but a cut in the same scene from two different angles (L & J cut) with audio playing underneath it is easier to perceive.

The problems I had on this were that the timing of lines did not always match up to the audio. This can be a problem when you bring you actors in to record audio separately, in this case the audio was recorded on set but was not the best sound quality available. In my opinion it is always best to go with quality or performance.
The audio did not cut all the time and I found that the actors had said some lines differently which left me with a big problem. at a professional level you can not show the audio skipping over the visual element and would have to cut away to hide this. Sometime you are left with an impossible decision and in some cases you aren’t able to correct your edit as it may change the meaning of your edit. The best solution would be to first realise you have a problem with the audio recorded from the audio on the footage and mark out where it fails so that you know in advanced that at this point the camera can not have that person in focus.

In editing you will always edit the sound first as an audio recording is harder to cut into pieces and change than the audio. Go with the most difficult element is something im slowly learning through film and video.

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