Task 2 – Directing: screen play

The scene starts with Tony sitting patiently in a waiting room for what he thinks is a job offering. He seems nervous and edgy. There are a couple of women looking at him and laughing to themselves. Suddenly a women approaches from the side and calls him in.

-Close ups of; side views from Tony; front on shot; shots of him feet tapping and birds eye of him inching his head.-

Woman: Tony? He’s ready to see you now

-A cut to tony walking into a dark room- -Tracking continuous shot as he enters the room to sit at the table. a cut to a close up when he sits and the reverse close up of a blacked out figure.-

Mr Jazz: You are here because you are seeking a better way of life and I hope we have shown you this. It is desire that has brought you here, do you desire?

-Reverse track up to the characters (medium / close ups)-

Tony: Yes, yes I do.

Mr Jazz: Good. Now drink this.

-A glass slides out of the darkness (birds eye medium)-

-The man picks up the oddly coloured glass and begins to drink it. A cut back to Mr.Jazz shows he is smiling as he he drinks it-

Mr.Jazz: Before we start I want to better explain what I can do for you as your employer.

-Cut to a briefcase being lifted from the floor. /cut to tripod shot as briefcase enters the shot and sits on the table. /cut to close ups of the locks being activated. /cut to medium shot of the briefcase opening infront of Mr.Jazz. /cut back to a weary looking Tony.- 

Mr.Jazz: These are your credentials
-Leaning in from a side shot. /cut to credentials sliding into birds eye shot of table before they are slid a side. /cut to a very confused looking Tony as Mr.Jazz continues to speak. Tony looks breathless with his eyes fixated on the far away documents.-

-Close up of fingers clicking-

Mr.Jazz: Tony you have to focus, this is extremely important.


Tony: Huh?

-cut medium birds eye shot of the blacked out figure-

Mr.Jazz: I said you have to *cough*… You have to.. *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*!

-cut from medium close up to side shots back to medium close ups (cuts between coughs). The final cut is to Tonys worried reaction as another cut is made back to a close up of Mr.jazz before he coughs something up and flicks it away. /a cut shows a splattered grass hopper land on the table. /we now cut to Tonys amazed look on his face as a long lens focus pull shows the grass hopper in the foreground with Tony’s amazed look from the background.-

-J cut as audio cuts us to a medium/long side shot of the two talking-
Mr.Jazz: We have a great deal of responsibility to our clients and we maintain a great working responsibility to our clients and we maintain a great working relationship by producing our business packages at an incredibly punctual rate. You see we can not be seen to look bad or unprofessional. The sector is incredibly competitive and we could fall behind other businesses because of the level of service we would lack….. Tony are you listening?
-Half way through this piece of dialog we cut from a audio-less Mr.Jazz to a tripped out Tony who is having flash backs. (Flashing lights are seen on his face and semi transparent cuts are layered over Mr.jazz to show what he is really thinking about)-

Tony: Huh? Yeah I got it, we cant be seen to do bad business.. Whats on the sheets?
-Pointing to credentials (close up of hand vs MrJazz grinning face)-

Mr.Jazz: Have you eaten Tony? Here let me fix you something up.

-cut to tony medium close up-

Tony: Umm actually.. (holding his hand up as he is interrupted by a ringing bell and Mr.Jazz’s effort)

-Cut to side on long shots as he is brought in his food. /cuts are made when a lady places down cutlery and napkins.-
-The tray is lifted before Tonys eyes and he has his knife and folk at the ready. The tray leaves the shot as we see a disappointed look on Tony’s face. A jib drops down to reveal an old telephone in the place where his food should be.
Close up cut to ringing telephone. /Cut to Mr.jazz in side on close up ushering him on.-

Mr.Jazz: Go ahead. Refuel you self..

-Picks up phone. (steady cam shot from phone up to Tony as he begins to talk a track nears closer to him) Cuts are made back to Mr.Jazz’s grinning face.-

Tony: Mum?!.. Yeah Im fine, where are you?… Yes Im fine – Im in a business meeting… What do you mean look after yourself Im in a meeting… Ok I’ll call you back…. Ok bye…
Sorry about that.

Mr.Jazz: no not at, all family is important.
/cut to Tony as he speaks-

Mr.Jazz: No your good Tony which is why I called you in.

Tony: Thanks.

Mr.Jazz: But your not good enough. Not yet. I need your all before we continue. Can you do that?

-cuts from birds eye of tony to side on of Mr.jazz to medium close up of Tony.-

Tony: Yes, yes of course.

Mr.Jazz: Hmm ok.. Here take this.
-medium close up glide of a packet of pills sliding out of the darkness-

-Birds eye –
Tony: What is it?

-Extreme close up of lips talking-
Mr.Jazz: It’s an aspirin.. For your ‘HEAD-ACHE?’..

Tony: what head ache..
-CRASH as a tool box rains from the sky. We cut from that medium to side on long shot back to medium shot as he dusts him self off.-

Tony: OW!!!!

Mr.Jazz: Sorry.

-cut from behind mr.jazz-

Mr.Jazz: So what is it you want from this job?

-Cut to medium close up as a track draws in (and to mr.jazz in reverse shot as the sentence unfolds.)

Tony: From this job? A carer I guess… *Itching hand &neck*.. And….. Freedom.

-Cut back to a relaxed Mr.Jazz-

Mr.Jazz: A career in freedom.

Tony: No not a career in freedom. A career and.. * interruption*

Mr.Jazz: No it’s ok I think I get the idea… We are very alike you and I, two peas in one.. entity.

Tony: You mean pod?

Mr.Jazz: Your not getting this are you?

-Suddenly big changes are made with an overwhelming intense look on Tony’s face as if the ground is shaking beneath his feet. /cut to his hands clenching onto the chair and angled shots of his hands; feet; throat; and parts of his body before a focus pull showing an intense look come to a halt, like a rocket that has just stopped its thrusters. He breaths and frowns as if there has been a change. The camera rotates around him to reveal he is sitting in a lit up office in day time and his boss looking most un impressed on the far side. /Cut to him and a cut to Tony as the scene ends.

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