Task 2 – Directing

I will be creating evidence of pre production work that has helped me prepare for my final project. In this task I will be talking about such things as arrangements for my directing piece and things I have managed; such as timing and crew. It will also give me a chance to create things that will help me organise my work and piece out tasks and techniques that I plan to do. Things such as story boards and descriptions of style and shots will help me keep on track with my idea.

Pre Production

Roles and Responsibilities
In this project there needs to be; a director; a camera man; sound; editor; one person keeping note of logging and photography and two / three people managing the set:

  • Director (Fali) – I will be in charge of technical roles such as continuity errors and over looking the story board to make sure the shots are covered in the correct display. Creative roles such as what the actors may want to do in a certain scene and also the communication between different roles
  • Camera man (Alyson) – She will be incharge of shooting the footage and will have to work closely with myself and the actors in order to get; the timing of shots; the correct shots with the correct lenses and to work with the story board that has been created
  • Sound (Nick) – He will be incharge of recording the audio and wild tracks. A soundtrack has not been yet chosen so this may be a role and responsibility for him. He will be working to ensure the best sound is recorded and will have to ensure he and the camera man are working coherently also keeping note of ‘takes’ in order to make the editors life less difficult
  • Editor (Fali) – I will also be in charge of editing the piece together, I feel this will make life easier as I know what I am hoping to achieve and will have first view on the shots as they are being taken
  • Logging & Photography (Josh) – His role is to work the clip board to distinguish between shots and more importantly logging the shots and taking photography important for evidence of production
  • Set Management (Nick, Josh & Aly) – These members will be doubling up their roles because there is a shot which is vital to the production and will need three people to move help move the set as the filming is being done.

Proposal Script
This is a coversation scene between two males in an office. The one actor; Tony (Larry Pickles) is seen waiting out side in a waiting room as he awaits a meeting with Mr. Jazz (Levoyn). He presumes he is being offered a job put as the script unfolds we find out that this is not the case.
The story is a take from a mans subconscious on work ethics. As he stays longer in the company of Mr. Jazz he finds him self getting nearer to the lose of his job and the parallel life style of ‘working hard and playing hard’.
I intend to make the meeting with Mr. Jazz as mysterious as possible with out lighting the room well and keeping his character hidden. Tony plays the lost and nervous man who has been invaded by the intense reality of his subconsious and is seemingly the more natural or normal charcter.

Shooting Script
I have designed a story board that keeps the shots, camera techniques and cinematography together. I found this an easier way of creating a shooting script with pictures and dialog kept close it will be easier for my crew to understand.

Production Schedule
I plan to shoot the entire piece over the course of a weekend as the piece will not be extremely long and will mainly consist of ‘one shots’ to and from the characters. I have the date of Friday 11th in mind.

Production Meeting Minutes

Call Sheet

I have two locations set, one being the studio where the conversation scene will take place. This has been chosen because the amount of control of lighting conditions and space which is available. I intend to take advantage of the set that is available and the hanging light rigs to create the scene. The other is a waiting room where nervous Tony awaits what he thinks is a job offering. This scene will be shot in the waiting area in Brooksby College which is linked with the finance department.

Recce Report

Risk Assessment
A risk assessment will be performed for the safety of the crew and actors. Special supervision and care has to be made such as:

  • Tidy lights and wires – meaning that not of the cables can be seen to make a hazard on any crew members. This could breed an accident of even damage to filming equipment so wires will be tucked away neatly and lights will remain a safe distance away from peoples work space
  • Moving set pieces – some of the set walls will be moved into shot and as this may be seemingly dangerous as a piece of set could drop and cause injury;- I will be ensuring that there are enough people to each set in order to carry the weight and carefully place them in shot. Also an exit strategy for the actors for a final precaution
  • Helmets – all crew will be asked to where safety helmets, this is because many of us will be shifting equipment and may suffer injury when doing so: A safety helmet could safe a person from a falling light or toberling jib.
  • Gloves – we will be in the studio for hours, and the lighting equipment tends to get extremely hot. Hot lights can most definitely burn the skin so safety gloves will be used to prevent this
  • Tidy working space – bits of paper and filters lieing about creat a pertential hazard i.e. trips, slips and falls. So I will ensure that everyone keeps to the risk assessment and ensures that their areas are tidy

Health and Safety
Health and safety not only keeps people safe but must be maintained for the progress of each and every persons work. Actors and Crew will only be called in when they are fit and healthy to do so and will keep to risk assessment or regulations made by the project.


Time management

I have managed my time by takling goals to get the pre production out of the way so that work for production can be focussed on. Here is a short time table of some of the days I have tackled:

  • 17.9.12 – 1.10.12 – Work inside college of test pieces such as shots. We went out to the public garden in Melton to recreate a coversation scene. Here we learned the rules of lens use in conversation and that switching the lenses between a conversation will alter the dimensions of the frame making it near to impossible to edit. Also the positioning of your actors amongst the fore and background of a shot. It is important to understand the heights of your actors through a long lens one may seem bigger than the other;- a tip was to possition one actor further away so that the height is matched and tricked through the use of lens. Also techniques such as having your actor crowch was another way to keep a correct eye level
  • 1.10.12 – 22.10.12 – Framing thirds.
    A lecture in college was held about ‘thirds’ and ‘framing’ these were tips needed to know in order to direct and edit a conversation scene. After getting an idea of how things may be affected while filming i.e. close ups and long shots as a class we were assigned to recreate the example. In groups we used an existing script to direct. We shot the piece and soon learned that note of eye levels and framing were extremely important: Lining a shot may be fine but having your actors look at the correct opposing eye level was another camera trick that was developed. In this case we had to have an actors sit more up right and compare his shot by looking at the previous image through the camera screen
  • 22.10.12 – 12.11.12 – Pre production.
    I started to tackle the work that was needed in order for my production. In these weeks I sat down and produced; a script; a story board and a list of actors that I felt were suitable. This was an important time because thinking of an idea wasn’t just that; it was planning it by backing it up with the right elements to create something that I was pleased with and wanted to do. I came up with a three page dialog; a plot; character profiles; the theme and style of the story; camera shots that would support the emotion and a conclusion
  • 12.11.12 – 3.12.12 – More Pre Production
    This time the grounds were set so what I had to do now was further my story boards to come up with a complete analysis of what needs to be done and even the order of shots that should be done in order to make life less difficult. I also had a chance to sit down with my actors and prepared them for the script. Here we did rehersals and demonstartions on the shots and dialog so that the actors were fully with the project
  • 3.12.12 – 08.01.13 (present day)
    Now I await the production and have three weeks to complete

Feasibility, Deadlines
In this project I have not bothered to create a budget. This is because the scene is relatively small and doesn’t require much more than two actors sitting in the dark and talking. I had an idea to create a scene that would have required a costume designer and feasibility put has recently been scrapped due to the narrative of the story, it was unfit and took up to much time. My deadline is due on 21st and will require me to finish all; pre production, production and post production tasks.

Booking Actors
The actors I have booked mostly live with me or are contacted with ease. Both Levoyn and Larry are prepared for the production. They know that it is a non paid project and know they both need to bring a shirt and tie each. They have given me dates of when they are free which will be linked with the studio use.

Acquiring Properties
The set that will need to be designed sits in the studio at college. I will have full use of it and will need a day to set up. Other items include and table and chairs which will also be from the studio. A clock will be taken from my home and other asorted objects such as; a phone; a serving dish; a briefcase and a glass of water will be taken from the college with no cost or hastle needed.

I await the reply of some members

Studio use
I plan to use the studio for the majority of the project. As stated before it is spacious meaning camera angels will be easy performed as well as the space needed from the conversation to the ‘blacked out’ background and fore ground. The studio gives me access to hanging lights which will be perfect to light up an area that is the centre of a dark environment. It also has an easy access for props and furniture that will be used. All in all the studio is a perfect use to create me directing piece.

Designing Sets
The set starts with a blacked out room with a lit up table where the actors will be sat. I want to obtain a lonely deserted feel which is why I have desided to keep the room simple. The set soon changes close to the end of the story where three pieces of set are seen to apear out of the darkness as if a new location is created before the audiences eyes and will be resigned after a cut. After the cut the room will look light with a ‘clean / office’ appearance. The lighting conditions will be changed to suit a day time appeal. This is where most of the set design will come in. A light behind a window frame and a set of blinds will create a window on a sunny day. There will be a potted plant and a clock to give it a feel and the three sided set will be swopped behind each actor depending on who is in shot.

Building Sets
The set is simple to set up and is already painted white, which is the desired color for the scene. Three / four people will be operating the set when it is in motion and will be built after the cut. A clock will hang behind one of the actors and a plant in the corner of the room.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Clearances and Permissions



Release Forms

Filming in Public
When it comes to filming in the studio I will need permission which I have requested. The date set for is Thursday 1st Feb and my tests shots did not require me to film in any public areas.

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