Task 3 – Pre Production

In this task I will demonstrate the preparation I have done in order to create my documentary project. It will include all my pre production leading up to the project and things like logistics i.e. the timing and regulations I have faced whilst getting this project together. Also I have to speak about legal constraints that I may have faced and explain how I worked inside them.

Pre production


Roles and Responsibility
I teamed up with a member of my class to record the footage needed, this was the only possible way of obtaining the DJing shots. We shared responsibility over the camera when the shots were tight and showed extreme close ups of things like the EQ and levels of a mixer. The camera swopped hands when the shots demanding both me and the crowd of people in them. Although my class mate may have preformed the majority of shots on that day; he was taking guidance from me as I knew the shots I had in mind and had planned. My role was ‘director’ and ‘cinematographer’ and Jon was ‘camera operator’ and also Cinematographer but the day soon showed that these roles were swopped and shared.

Proposal Script
These are two story boards that have helped plan for production. In them they include camera movements and lens use.



Production Schedule
My production schedule is simple I will do enough pre production work so that when I reach the stages I need for production I should be able to get all of my footage in a days shooting or at least over no more than two full days. I plan to use the majority of my 12 weeks on pre production i.e. research into over documentaries and into documentary formats so that I will be able to make a successful finished piece.

(This was my first week on planning a production schedule which did not go to plan. The idea was to use the first half of my term to complete all tasks and research leading up to the production so that I would have at least another five weeks to produce and edit my documentary. In fact the research and planning did not go so well as planned and I found my self…. THIS IS TASK 5 WORK…..)

Production Meeting Minutes

5th Oct: Today I have produced some story bords


Call Sheets

I had planned to reenact a rave scene for the DJ documentary and for this I needed a large dark room to set the right feel and environment. I have asked permission and the studio will be available for the date I have selected (Dec 11th).

Recce Report

Risk Assessment

There are areas in the studio that may be dangerous for members of the film. So these safety checks will be made in order to keep a safe environment:

  • The use of safety helmets – to protect from injury of falling objects hanging lights etc.
  • Wear gloves when handing lights – protection of hands etc.
  • Keep lights weighted down – to protect lights and prevent trips and falls
  • Two people at all times handeling ladders – prevents falls and injuries
  • Wires tidy and kept out of the way – prevents trips and falls
  • Crowd control – lots of people in the studio that could injure them selves by falls trips and collisions – people in direction and managing roles need to keep an eye out and keep control. They need to be heard and recognised
  • Safe stage – the stage needs to be safe and secure as there is heavy equipment on it and  a fall from that or pieces of the stage could really cause an injury i.e brakes etc.

Health and Safety

Dec 11th Jon and I ensured all of the following to maintain a safe working practise.

  • The stage had to be rearranged and re built so we made sure there was two of us at all time and used the use of our nhees when lifting heavy pieces
  • Because the studio is often in use there was metres of cable skattered around the room so I made sure it was kept in the corner and out of the way of our set
  • The studio had lights that were on hangers; we ensured that we wore safety helmets when on set and made sure there was always two to a ladder when ever we needed to fix or un fix things on
  • There was a great deal of lighting used that day, they stayed on most of the day and became very hot;- so we wore safety gloves when ever handeling the kit
  • In the rave scene there was around 40 people in the room so we needed to be pre cautious about wether; the set was safe and would not fall apart it knocked; if the lights were screwed on tight enough; if there were no sharp objects or things they may fall onto while dancing; if we could be able to control the amount of people and how we could do this: We in fact did this by electing members of the dancers to take a managing role as well as our own over the members and made sure I and Jon were standing in a high direct point so that we were heard.
  • Other factors helped toward a safe working environment like our breaks we took. We were in the studio from the early morning till the evening and needed to make sure we were in the best health and focus to concentrate
  • Another thing we had to consider was keeping members of the college off of set who would not be aware of these heath and safety regulations.


Time Management

Week 1 – Week 5 – (17th Oct – 17th Nov)

  • Week 1 – Task 1 and research into documentary
  • Week 2 – Task 1 and research into documentary
  • Week 3 – Task 2 and planning for documentary idea; script and story boards 
  • Week 4 – Planning for documentary and pre production; research into other DJ documentaries ans actors
  • Week 5 – Planning for documentary and pre production
  • Week 6 – Pre production; locations, actors, equipment bookings

Feasibility and Deadlines

Booking actors
I live with three performing actors who of which all do dance and theatre and are up to coming on the day of film. Also there are other members in the college who can come down in their dinner breaks to produce 15 minutes worth of dancing for; cut aways; long shots; close ups and continuous takes. Their times are flexible but will be better done on a Tuesday.

Acquiring Properties
I intend to rearrange the components of a stage from a class room style into a stage to create my ‘club environment’. I will also be bringing my own equipment from home to be used in the film. This will be:

  • 1x Technic 1200
  • 1x Technic 1210
  • 1x Tractor 6000 two channel mixer
  • 2x Sure white label stylus
  • Record box
  • Headphones
  • Lighting kit (to act as rave lights)

I intend not to bring to many people onto the crew as it will only need 2 – 3 people and feel through both my roles of DJing and director it will become a challenge to keep the order and direction of the film.

Studio Use
The studio will be used to reenact a rave scene which will include myself DJing infront of a crowd on a platform or stage. The doors will be shut and the music turned up to reenact this rave / dance floor environment. It will be cleared and stripped of everything but the equipment and stage to make space for the actors and film.

Designing Sets
I imagine the studio to look dark and lit up just like a dance floor or rave. Posters and drapes are an option here although with it brings a certain style which in its self may seem subjective to other types of dance floor and DJing environments. We have a number of lights in college that can easily be used to light up the studio, making it a replica to a dance floor or disco.

Building Sets
I intend to swop to use pieces into the studio to make astage. The stage will over look the crowd and the equipment will be placed on top of a table that is located inside the studio. The platforms are short so using two parts of a flight case and a drape to cover the table – the stage should look near identical to one of a dancefloor.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Clearance and Permissions
I have device through Ian who is one of the media tutors in the college who has managed to process my proposal and has successfully come back with both a date to film in the studio and list of available equipment. I can now go on with my pre production work to produce my final piece.
I have equipment that shows big and bold branding that will be unmissable when filming. My job now is to find out the legal constraints of these companies and if I will be able to broadcast footage with these brand names and logos.

The project will be filmed inside of the college so the privacy issues will not be as demanding as filming in the public. The studio is located by a number of classes so the volume of noise from the music and people will have to be controlled and kept to a level that keeps to everyones needs.

Consents and Release Forms
I will need the consents of the actors and ensure that they are comfortable with their faces being in the release copy. I need to ensure that any young members of the film who are underage will need to have a consent form filled in by a parent or guardian and those who are over the age to do the same for them selves.

Filming in Public
Filming is kept in a private location and should not stretch into public areas like corridors and other classes.

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