Task 2B – Art of a DJ Documentary


I have been set a task to come up with own documentary piece. Now I have looked into the content of documentary and the history I feel I know the basis to what it should hold and it’s purpose. It has also given me the grounds and structure to what I need to do to make a successful documentary. I will create a proposal that will include information about my idea and set tasks I will have to carry out in order to complete it. I will speak about things like the format and the style of the movie as well as theme and style. Also the budgeting i.e. crew costs and money for transport.

Subject Idea

In this task I am aiming to make a short (2-3 minute) documentary that puts an emphasis onto the art of DJing. It will be a poetic piece that will rely on the imagery and camera movements to portrait; the technique, hard work, feel and performance of the DJ. In this piece I hope to capture the environment and purpose of the skill; what it takes, the equipment involved, what it’s purpose and what it means to people.


I will be filming on a cannon 550D digital camera and will be shooting at 50fps 1920 by 1080P. I want to do this because it is a standard format that I understand and use regularly and want to use 50fps so that I have more control over a variety of frames to be able to go into a slow motion effect.


The genre will be an intoxicating piece to give a feel like the rhythm is infecting the people of a club. It will be a montage of black and white imagery Im hoping this will give it a certain style and feel to it like things can be motionless in this dark intense environment and will also help towards a build up when all the personal and independent factors like equipment, DJ’s, music and audiences come together and become a collective display.
It will be an artistic film that will show the hard work and concentration through personal and intricate shots. It will show his or her attempts of staying focus through pressure of a crowd and his or her own expectations by cutting back from the Dj’s face to what they are doing with the equipment to the reaction of the crowd. It will show the ecstasy of when things work and the reaction it can have. This can be done by hearing the heart beat of the Dj through the music to initialise that they are enjoying the experience and the look of appreciation on faces.


The style will be in black and white, it will have a slow feel like time is stopped in the essence and mind of the DJ (using 50fps). The shots will be close and personal linking on to key emotions like the sweat poring off of the artists face and the intense focus of his or her’s body being possessed by the rhythm with their movements to the rhythm foretelling the beat,- rather than the music.
The audio will be eery and toneless until the key moment when the montage has built the DJ up to dropping a good track. the shots up until then will be motionless concentrating more on the equipment and personal attributes of the performer rather than the people as the edit gradually speeds up to brings them all together for a final display of music and dance floor.
The crowd will be made to look like they are almost trapped in the DJ’s control but leading their own appreciation for the music up until the join finally. This can be done by showing groups of people jumping in a slow motion shot staring forward but not directly at the performer to give a feeling like the music is not coming from just one source.


I hope to capture the attention of outsiders, people who live in urban areas and who could not take part in these situations. I live in an area with rich countryside which makes raves possible. Age is not an issue as it holds educational value although I feel younger ages are going to be more prone to watch it which the footage will try to encourage by music and choice of scenes. Also anyone who has an interest in dance music is an audience that we are mainly focussing on and anyone who has an interest on the skill.

Intended Aim

My intended aim is to produce some a fun documentary that encourages others to try DJing and to participate in events that holds drum and bass culture and produces this type of music


  • £60 – travel cost for a return ticket to Wales
  • £30 – put a side to organise and transport equipment that will be in the movie
  • £30 – costumes for people acting out a montage rave scene
  • £20 – for anything else I.e food etc

Research cost

I won’t need a cost for research because I am relying on local people to produce the information.


I will need to travel to my home town to interview the DJs and will need to travel across the country to make up my rave footage.

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