DJ Documentary: “Spun Out” by Bahar Canca & Co Produced by Evy Magoulas

I have just watched this documentary on DJ’s to rectify my research into the subject and act as a comparison to my initial idea. From watching this it has not changed my idea but has some what inspired me to make my documentary and to focus and avoid certain elements.

Spun Out
Spun Out was an extremely personal reflective documentary which gave many different opinions on DJ’s, DJing and dance floor culture. It was mainly interview based and showed the efforts and intention to find and establish the DJ to a wider audience.
It was personal and direct which asked many questions which helped achieve a bigger picture of the life, the scene and the environment of a DJ. It also explained how it fits into society and how some peoples lives will regularly come in contact and if there was a bigger issue which peopled faced.

My first thoughts were that there were too many people being asked the same questions which spoilt the rhythm of the documentary. How ever, as it progressed I saw a collective impression that brought attention to key issues, especially when it was a subject that they all agreed on. I thought this was good as the compassion for the subject was lifted due to the many opinions of others.
I did not see the indiscriminate arguments of drug scenes and apposing generations as something I would hope to include but did find it an interesting part.

Unfortunately my idea will not breed this effect but I hope the amount of information I intend to bring will account for an educational piece of footage. A like to the content of the atmosphere of ‘dance floor’ I will include my personal touch on the spirituality of ‘rave scenes’ and how they are similar as well as different.
In short my documentary will focus on the technical side of a DJ but will give a steady impression to the music and people that surround and governs it.

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