Documentary Proposal – Task 2A – first attempt

I have been set a task to come up with own documentary piece. Now I have looked into the content of documentary and the history I feel I know the basis to what it should hold and it’s purpose. It has also given me the grounds and structure to what I need to do to make a successful documentary. I will create a proposal that will include information about my idea and set tasks I will have to carry out in order to complete it. I will speak about things like the format and the style of the movie as well as theme and style. Also the budgeting i.e. crew costs and money for transport.

Subject Idea

My plan is to create an interactive documentary about DJing and a little about the environment they work in. My plan is to talk about some of the techniques and skills that is required to be able to preform and what it’s like to be in a rave scene;- I want to discuss their identity and their environment.
I have been mixing for several years and feel that I myself could give a lot of information about it as well as the people I know and associate with. The subject is about music and I want to best stick to this subject without fading into other topics. My duty is to best explain and examplify music within a DJ faculty by researching into it and some how create a sense of achieving this by the end of the documentary.


I will be filming on a cannon 550D digital camera and will be shooting at 25fps 1220 by 1080P. I want to do this because it is a standard format that I understand and use regularly. There is no need for a custom setting although in some of the montage scenes I plan to use when recording a rave scene I do hope to use a slow motion effect which can be achieved using the 1220 – 1080p but at 50fps.


The documentary will be educational as I want to best express how DJing is a skill and will need to talk about key issues that DJ’s will face once they have progressed past a certain level. It will also hold some sort of entertainment as I want to express the ‘fun’ environment that is included. It will be a movie that integrates with the public and shows a realistic humanist nature to party and listen to good music. As a whole it is a positive story that best expresses; life, culture, music and fun.


I want it to start as my own personal story about the things I have experienced growing up and the things I’ve seen and been apart of. It will start in an interview setting with me being the interviewee, I feel like this is the best way to explain my story. I will talk about how I became a DJ with flash backs to my youth which will show you my first encounter with the music. I will go on to explain about the people who were around me and the influences encouraged me to become a DJ.
Once I have finished giving my personal experience and intake on DJing as a whole I will start to integrate with the public asking for their personal views on DJ’s and rave scenes. Im hoping to get a bigger picture and create a mosaic on the subject. I will be visiting my friends and act as the presenter within their personal spaces. I am hoping to achieve stories and their acomplishments and also any other relevant information on the subject.
Inbetween this I hope to include the rave scene footage as people talk about the subject. I know it is something that we have all experienced so our voices will be a collective narrative towards the footage. Im am hoping to capture the culture and events that happen within a rave. If I find that there is not enough substantial evidence of this I will resort to peoples own pictures off of the internet.


I hope to capture the attention of outsiders, people who live in urban areas and who could not take part in these situations. I live in an area with rich countryside which makes raves possible. Age is not an issue as it holds educational value although I feel younger ages are going to be more prone to watch it which the footage will try to encourage by music and choice of scenes. Also anyone who has an interest in dance music is an audience that we are mainly focussing on and anyone who has an interest on the skill.

Intended Aim

My intended aim is to produce some a fun documentary that encourages others to try DJing and to participate in events that holds drum and bass culture and produces this type of music.


  • £60 – travel cost for a return ticket to Wales
  • £30 – put a side to organise and transport equipment that will be in the movie
  • £30 – costumes for people acting out a montage rave scene
  • £20 – for anything else I.e food etc

Research cost

I won’t need a cost for research because I am relying on local people to produce the information.


I will need to travel to my home town to interview the DJs and will need to travel across the country to make up my rave footage.

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